Winter season of 2017 has already begun!

Winter season 2017 in the Temple of Hatshepsut has already been started on October 11, 2017. Works during this season will be dedicated mainly to the comprehensive documentation of the Upper Courtyard, Northern Room of Amun and Punt Portico. It is planned to supplement the documentation, both drawings and photographs, and to perform 3D scanning. In addition, projects related to Hatshepsut Mission will be continued - works in the necropolis of northern Asasif and in the magazine with blocks from Tuthmosis III temple. Winter season of 2017 will last until mid-December. Follow us on Facebook to get more info about the work progress.

Grant Dialog for Hatshepsut Mission!

Project of the Institute of Mediterranean and Oriental Cultures of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Polish Center of Mediterranean Archaeology UW "Modern documentation in the research of the Polish-Egyptian Archaeological and Conservation Mission in the Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahari (Egypt): creation, management, sharing" by Dr. Jadwiga Iwaszczuk was awarded a grant DIALOG by Ministry of Science and Higher Education.
The project, led by Dr. Jadwiga Iwaszczuk, is intended to complement mission's documentation, to create a three-dimensional model of the Hatshepsut Temple for research and popularization purposes, and to create a database of all mission's achievements. A modern tool for managing both the data acquired during the work and the work itself will be created. The database "Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahari" will be the primary source of knowledge about this temple. It will allow to conduct detailed studies and verification of already published theories by foreign researchers for whom access to the documentation has been difficult so far due to the need to personal visit in the archives. In addition, the database will be helpful in responding to conservation needs and a place of cooperation and communication between members of the mission.

Members of Hatshepsut Mission at conferences in May 2017

Several members of Hatshepsut Mission will present their research at international conferences in May 2017:


Current Research in Egyptology, Naples, 3-6 May:

F. Taterka, Hatshepsut’s Punt Reliefs: Their Structure and Function


Abstract can be found HERE.


Egyptological Conference in Copenhagen, 9-11 May:

K. Kapiec, Alterations in the Relief Decoration in the Southern Room of Amun in the Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahari


XI. Tempeltagung - The Discourse between Tomb and Temple, Prague, 24-27 May

Andrzej Ćwiek, Hatshepsut or There and Back Again. Between the Tomb and the Temple

Mirosław Barwik, Building the temple “to the north of the royal tomb” — ostracon Deir el-Bahari F.8941

Zbigniew E. Szafrański, Temples providing a focal point for graves in the Theban mortuary landscape


Abstracts can be found HERE.

Spring season will begin soon!

The long-awaited spring season of works in the Temple of Hatshepsut will begin within the next few days. The work will be focused on the Complex of Royal Cult, which is currently being prepared for the publication. Moreover, Southern Room of Amun project will be continued as well as architectural and conservation works.


More info about the continued projects:


Complex of Royal Cult

Southern Room of Amun

Architectural and conservation projects

Distinction for Ph.D thesis by Marta Sankiewicz

We are pleased to inform that Ph. D. thesis "Iconography of Hatshepsut and Tuthmosis III in the Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahari as a reflection of the relationship between both rulers" by Marta Sankiewicz was awarded a distinction in the XIIth contest for the best Ph. D. thesis organised by National Centre for Culture in Poland. Congratulations!


More info (in Polish) can be found HERE.

More info about the Dr. M. Sankiewicz's project can be found HERE.

Deir el-Bahari Studies I

We are pleased to inform that the first volume of Deir el-Bahari Studies series has just been published as a Special Studies fascicle of the PCMA journal Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean 24. As Dr. Z.E. Szafrański states in the preface - "Articles are covering manifold aspects of human cognitive behavior in the Deir el-Bahari and Asasif area. They range widely in space and time, being aimed at studies of particular periods or problems, rather than general theoretical statements. In future special issues of Deir el-Bahari Studies contributions from specialists in complementary fields, such as architecture, conservation or linguistics will also be encouraged. This broad scope of the presentation will hopefully be appreciated by all those concerned with the archaeology and restoration of West Theban monuments".


All articles are available online on the PCMA website and can be downloaded HERE.

Members of Hatshepsut Mission at conferences in May

In May several members of Hatshepsut Mission will present their research on international conferences. Filip Taterka and Katarzyna Kapiec will present their papers at the conference "Current Research in Egyptology XVIIth", which will be held in Cracow on the 4-7 May. Dr. Andrzej Ćwiek will give a paper at the conference "8. Tagung zur ägyptischen Königsideologie", which will be held in Budapest on the 12-14 May.


Programme of the "Current Research in Egyptology XVIIth" can be found HERE.

Programme of the "8. Tagung zur ägyptischen Königsideologie" can be found HERE.

Abstract ot the Dr A. Ćwiek's paper can be found HERE.

Another award for Polish Mission!

We are glad to inform you that Polish Mission has received another award for conservation. During the XVth European Congress of Renovation Information, on the April, 5th, the jury awarded our Mission for "outstanding achievements in the renovation of the historical area" for conservation of the Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahari with the use of Remmers technology. Award has been received by Mr Jacek Olesiak, representative of Remmers company in Poland, and Mr Rajmund Gazda, chief of conservators of the Mission.


Happy Easter!

Polish Mission wishes you a happy Easter!

Second part of the season 2015/2016

Season 2015/2016 is slowly coming to an end. This is the last week of Mission's work this spring. Works in the second part of the season (January-March 2016) were devoted to continuation of different projects - conservation, inventory, publication of the Complex of Royal Cult, elaboration of the building dipinti from the Temple and textiles from Tomb II.